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Legend of Zelda Flutist Recalls Charming Story from Childhood

Legend of Zelda Flutist Recalls Charming Story from ChildhoodLast week saw the release of the Nintendo Switch remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, originally released way back in 1993.

One of the many players to get his hands on Link’s Awakening was Junichiro Taku (@magnumtriored), who has a special connection to the game: he played the flute on its soundtrack.

On September 20, as the game was released, flutist Taku shared a charming story from his childhood on Twitter:

“Hey! Mom, I played the treasure chest theme from Zelda on my flute!”

So I said to my mother, who replied:

“Video games again? You’re still doing that useless stuff?! Get back to studying!”

I’d like to tell something to the child version of myself, who felt depressed when hearing that. 26 years later, you’ll be playing the flute in the remake, dude!

A cute story, and a lesson to parents out there: video games aren’t always a waste of time!

Source: Otakomu