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Let Ghost in the Shell’s Tachikoma Guide You With GPS Voices

tachikomaIf you’re a Ghost in the Shell fan, you’re definitely familiar with the talkative tanks known as Tachikoma. Now those familiar voices—which come courtesy of voice actress Sakiko Tamagawa—are available as a GPS voice add-on voice bank from MaPlus in Japan.

With the Tachikoma add-on in use, the traditional GPS interface gets a futuristic overhaul, complete with mini Tachikoma icons to mark your location. Tamagawa provides the lines for the add-on, which is just one of many in the Chara de Navi series from MaPlus.

Some of the other voice banks available in the line include Ichiro Mizuki, members of NMB48, and characters from shows like Steins;Gate and Re:ZERO.

Source: Anime! Anime!