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Lily Fairy Tale: Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty [Review]

lily fairy taleLily Fairy Tale: Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty takes place in an academy deep in the mountains where characters from fairy tales live together. Sleeping Beauty has been sleeping through the school year, and she’s a fan of having her own space. So she’s not happy when she wakes up and finds Rapunzel in her room, brushing her long hair. The two girls are roommates now, which Sleeping Beauty doesn’t like. So Rapunzel promises to leave, but only if the two girls spend the next day together.

So of course the girls end up having a good time. Rapunzel requests that they do things like drink tea and go birdwatching. While the story is labeled shojo-ai, it could just be a story about two girls as friends. Anything more than that is suggested, and it isn’t even suggested strongly. It’s a quiet, sweet, classy and simple story. The fairy tale angle is a little quirky, and allows the creator to get in some jokes about sleeping too much (Sleeping Beauty) and taking care of hair (Rapunzel). Other than that, it doesn’t really fall back on the fairy tales it’s based on.

Like other releases from LILKYA, Digital Manga’s new shojo-ai and yuri imprint, Lily Fairy Tale: Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty is a doujinshi. It’s 24 pages long, so it feels more like a vignette. It is fun to see doujinshi from Japan translated into English. There’s plenty of lower caliber doujinshi out there, so you can see that LILYKA is making the point of getting higher end works. Fans of light shojo-ai, short manga and doujinshi would probably get the most enjoyment out of this title. For anyone wanting more, they can also check out another fairy tale doujinshi from LILYKA, Lily Fairy Tale: Little Mermaid Meets Hansel and Gretel. 

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