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Live the Real-Life Manga Dream in This Amazing 2D Café

2D Café

Tokyo’s Shin-Okubo neighborhood is now home to a recently-opened café that takes living the manga dream to a whole new level. Thanks to some amazing design sense, the appropriately-named 2D Café looks just like a black and white comic come to life, offering up a canvas for its meals and patrons to really stand out in stark contrast.

A similar concept was introduced when a 2D café opened up in South Korea a few years ago, but this one is unrelated. Check out some sample photos to get an idea of what it might be like to eat in an environment ripped straight from the pages of a manga.

From @ryuryuryu_boc:

Below and headline image via @2_dcafe:


I love the pops of color people provide, from @Anthr10:

And @mangohatchi:

This looks like a must-visit for those heading to Tokyo in the near future!

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