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Love Live Sunshine Voice Actors to Join Numazu Festival

Love Live Sunshine Voice Actors to Join Numazu FestivalThe sleepy seaside town of Numazu, Japan, is probably not a place you’d ever heard of until Love Live! Sunshine!!, which used the city as its setting.

Since then, it’s become a holy site of sorts for fans of the series — and even seen a spate of Sunshine!!-related crimes.

This is happier news, though. It’s been announced the ladies of Love Live will join in the fun at the annual Numazu Summer Festival, which is in its 72nd year. Six voice actors who played the women of AQOURS in the series will take place in the fireworks celebration July 27.

Those who can’t make it to Numazu can watch as the event streams on YouTube.

Here’s how Funimation describes the Numazu-set Love Live! Sunshine!!:

After the rise of idol group µ—pronounced “Muse”—school idol popularity is reaching new heights! And the fever is reaching the small ocean town of Uchiura where Chika Takami lives. After seeing the majesty of µ on the big screen, Chika is inspired to start her own school idol club. But getting the club started is just the beginning of many hardships for this idol-to-be! Beyond needing enough club members, she’ll have to figure out music composition, dance moves, and of course—shiny costumes! Buteven that isn’t enough, as more roadblocks promise to trip her up including a resistant student council president. Idol-ing is more work than expected!

Together with her best friend You and new student Riko, can Chika form the idol group of her dreams? Or will the failures of past members keep them stuck at zero? As long as these girls don’t give up, they can be their best shiny selves!

Source: ANN