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Fist of the North Star Manhole Covers Appear in Saku, Nagano

Fist of the North Star Manholes Appear in Saki, NaganoThe city of Saku in Nagano Prefecture, Japan just got a shock.

Saku, population 99,000, is the hometown of Fist of the North Star creator Buronson (real name Yoshiyuki Okamura). And it’s now home to several manhole covers celebrating Buronson and his hit creation.

The seven covers, spread throughout town, include pictures of main character Kenshiro, Raoh and others.

The ceremony for the unveiling was attended by Buronson himself, as well as about 150 Fist of the North Star fans.

One Saku resident in his thirties said, “I’m a huge fan, and now I can see these manhole covers, so ‘I have not one shred of regret in my entire life!’” quoting Raoh.

Buronson himself said, “the covers are very cool, so please come see them for yourself.”

Anime-themed manhole covers are currently a popular way to bring some anime attention to cities throughout Japan, though they have also been a source of controversy.

Source: NHK