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MEGALOBOX 2 Anime Officially in Production

megalobox 2

Fans of the MEGALOBOX anime, which celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Ashita no Joe boxing manga when it premiered in 2018, were hit with some powerful news during this past weekend’s Anime NYC event. MEGALOBOX 2 is officially in development, with TMS Entertainment aiming for a release in late 2020 or early 2021.

Here’s the teaser:

Series description:

Bored, resigned, and unfulfilled, a young man with neither name nor past survives by fighting in underground matches of a sport called “Megalobox,” a form of boxing that utilizes powered exoskeletons. Calling himself JNK.DOG, he feels trapped in a world of crime, poverty, and ecological collapse. All that changes when he has a chance encounter with Yuri, the reigning king of Megalobox. Now, obsessed with proving himself, JNK. DOG becomes a man driven to do whatever it takes to fight his way to the top of the rankings and take on the champion.

Source: Press release