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Mitsuboshi Colors Kicks Back with Afterschool Adventures on Blu-ray

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Whether you’ve just had a long day at school or a rough week of work, there’s nothing quite like an especially relaxing anime to provide the counterbalance you need. That’s exactly what makes Mitsuboshi Colors special, and now you can own the full series in Sentai Filmworks Mitsuboshi Colors Complete Collection.

Sometimes, it takes a group of kids with a lot of energy and free time to fix the problems that plague the adult world. That’s where Yui, Sat-chan, and Kotoha come into play. This trio of elementary school girls who live in Ueno have come together to form a secret organization known as COLORS, which aims to protect the town from menaces both real and imaginary.

Okay, so the majority of those issues tend to fall to the imaginary side of the equation, but it doesn’t make the work of COLORS any less important. No matter the size or legitimacy of the job, these creative and adorable girls are saving the people of Ueno and the rest of the world in their own unique way.

Mitsuboshi Colors is based on the manga by Katsuwo, with Tomoyuki Kawamura (Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon) directing and Shogo Yasukawa (Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma, UQ Holder!) handling series composition at anime studio SILVER LINK. Packed in with clean versions of the opening and closing animations, this 12-episode series can now be yours, so secure your copy of the Mitsuboshi Colors Complete Collection and watch as the world becomes a safer place today.

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