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New Pokémon Anime Trailer Features Adorable Baby Pikachu


The new Pokémon anime is set to premiere in Japan on November 17, just a couple days after the launch of Pokémon Sword and Shield. From the looks of the latest trailer, this one is going to kick off with some serious nostalgia, as it explores the time right before Pikachu and Ash met.

That means we get to see an adorable Pichu, which is alluded to as the very same Pikachu that’s been hanging out with Ash since 1997. Check out the footage—along with a sample of the new “After the Rain” theme song, written by Mafumafu and performer by Soraru—below.

This year’s new Pokémon anime is simply titled Pocket Monster, further cementing the throwback to the franchise’s early days.

Source: Official website