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Ni no Kuni Anime Film Opens in Japan on August 23

ni no kuniLevel-5’s Ni no Kuni series of fantasy RPGs is on the way to the big screen in the form of an anime film adaptation, and now we know when to expect it. According to an update on the official website, the feature is officially set to premiere in Japan on August 23, 2019.

The news comes along with two voice cast additions. Tsuyoshi Muro voices a mysterious old man, and Masatou Ibu voices King Flander, who rules the Estabania Kingdom to which protagonists Yu and Haru find themselves transported.

Yoshiyuki Momose directs, with a screenplay by Level-5’s Akihiro Hino, music by Joe Hisaishi, and animation production by OLM.

Here’s the latest trailer from April:

Source: Official website