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Noise Complaint to Otaku Includes Delightful Postscript

Noise Complaint to Otaku Includes Delightful PostscriptA tweet by Twitter user @1837oshionoran is making the rounds on Japanese social media as an anime-related story with a surprising ending.

The user tweeted a photo of a letter left in their mailbox by a neighbor: a pretty standard noise complaint, stating that the sound from @1837oshionoran’s TV could be heard by the neighbor.

But following the request to turn down the noise came a surprising and delightful postscript that went:

“By the way, I’m sorry if I’m mistaken, but were you by chance watching Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Rebellion last night? I like Madoka too.”

This could be the start of a wonderful friendship — as long as the original poster keeps it down at night.

Source: Esuteru