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Official Online Naruto Store Launches with Giveaways

Viz’s newly launched shop.naruto.com declares itself “Your official destination for all your Naruto needs!” and, indeed, with a wide range of apparel, toys and accessories, shop.naruto.com seems pretty Narutastic.

But that’s not all: Viz is sweetening the deal with free stuff.

For one thing, the first 100 customers at shop.naruto.com will receive a free gift. What kind of gift, exactly? Viz ain’t sayin’, but free is free, right?

Secondly, Viz is running a special giveaway, which one can enter by filling out a survey on their site. Giveaway items include figures, a lenticular poster, and even a dress. But why take our word for it when you could hear it from Naruto voice actress Junko Takeuchi?

Looking at this site, I’m starting to feel like a chump for using a regular wallet when I could be rocking an Akatsuki Cloud Symbol bi-fold.

Source: ANN