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Older Anime Fan Responds to TV Noise Complaint with Fake Katana Threat

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No one likes to be told to keep it down, and most folks on the other side probably feel uncomfortable enough complaining in the first place. This all-too-common standoff reached a boiling point when a 57-year-old anime fan in Japan was told to turn down his TV. He allegedly responded by threatening to kill the man who complained with a replica katana!

Even though the otaku’s 18.1-inch blade was fake, his shout of “I’ll kill you!” probably sounded all too real to the 50-year-old man who came over to complain about the noise. When questioned by the police, the Toyooka City suspect said, “I did not wave a replica sword around and threaten [the other man].” Despite those claims, the police decided there was enough evidence at play to arrest him for his overblown reaction to the noise complaint.

It’s never cool to threaten someone like that, no matter how good the anime you’re watching may be. This raises the true burning question, though… what was he watching?! Take your best guesses in the comments!

Source: Kobe Shinbun Next via SoraNews24