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Delinquent Band Anime On-Gaku Rocks Into Theaters in 2020

Delinquent Band Anime On-Gaku Rocks Into Theaters in 2020A film based on the Hiroyuki Ohashi manga On-Gaku years in the making is finally heading to the big screen.

The film, which is called On-Gaku: Our Sound, is set to debut in Japanese theaters this January.

It was first announced way back in 2012, and was the subject of a crowdfunding campaign last year. The manga, which came out back in 2005, is about a group of delinquents who decided to start a rock band despite not knowing how to play their instruments. That’s punk rock, dude.

On-Gaku: Our Sound will be directed by Kenji iwaisawa in his full-length debut. He’s previously directed shorts like “Big Boss.”

As a fan of smaller, independent flicks like this (and a former member of a band whose musical ability was, uh, questionable) I’m looking forward to seeing how this one comes out.

Source: ANN