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Pay a Visit to the Pet Shop of Horrors Anime on Blu-ray!

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For some people, a normal pet just isn’t going to cut it. In those truly unusual cases, folks turn to the strangest pet shop in Chinatown, and you can pay it a permanent visit in the Pet Shop of Horrors Complete Collection on Blu-ray.

In Pet Shop of Horrors, the mysterious Count D seems to know every need and desire you have. Buying a pet from this shop isn’t as cut and dry as it seems, though. This is a contract for life, and the pet you end up with may be the one you deserve rather than the one you want.

Sometimes our wants and needs get criss-crossed. You may think you need that pet rabbit that somehow looks just like your lost child, for instance, but there’s always more to a purchase here than meets the eye. That’s exactly what attracts Detective Orcott of the LAPD to this establishment in the first place, but is he ready for the true horrors that await within?

If you’re feeling particularly bold, you can join Detective Orcott as he investigates the Count, who always seems to be one step ahead of any evidence of a potential criminal matter. Find out how this game of cat-and-mouse unfolds and secure your copy of the Pet Shop of Horrors Complete Collection today!

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