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Perfume to Appear on Local Hiroshima Anime Series

Perfume to Appear on Local Hiroshima Anime SeriesIt’s safe to say there’s a decent-sized crossover between fans of anime and pop group Perfume.

Now the three members of the group will actually be appearing in an anime series — albeit it one you’ve probably never heard of.

It’s called Oshaberi Karaage Ageta-kun (Ageta the Talking Fried Chicken), and it’s about, well, a talking piece of fried chicken that speaks in Hiroshima dialect.

The three members of Perfume are set to appear as themselves for four weeks in a row, starting September 9.

Perfume, who have recently performed at major events abroad like Coachella, are originally from Hiroshima. The group is often featured in advertisements promoting the prefecture.

Source: Natalie