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Pokémon Card Collection Appraised at 7.6 Million Yen on Japanese TV


It’s always interesting to find out how much someone’s collection is worth, especially if it happens to be something you collect yourself. Here’s one for the Pokémon card collectors out there. A man named Yoshiharu Takahashi recently went on Japanese program Kaiun! Nandemo Kanteidan (Good Fortune! The Group That Appraises Everything) with a collection of 31 Pokémon cards he estimated to be worth ¥1.2 million, which adds up to about $10,730. 

Fortunately for Takahashi, he was actually way off on his estimation. According to professional appraiser Yūya Satō, Takahashi’s collection is worth about ¥7.6 million, or $68,674.

The value comes down to a few seriously rare cards, including the Kangaskhan parent-and-child tournament entry card, 34 of which were distributed at a single event in Japan back in May 1998. Just one of these is worth ¥1.2 million on its own; Takahashi has four. He also has a bilingual Lucky Stadium card that was only given to players who passed the qualifying rounds to be invited to a Hawaiian tournament. That one is worth a cool million yen. 

Here’s an excerpt from the show:

Source: TV Tokyo via Anime News Network