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The Pokémon Company Wasn’t Too Keen on Lickitung’s Detective Pikachu Scene


When bringing a massive franchise like Pokémon to the big screen in live-action form, there’s always going to be something the company behind it doesn’t like. With Detective Pikachu, the effects team members had their work cut out for them, but they had to be careful about some of the things they depicted on the big screen. Time Magazine recently ran a feature that’s well worth a read, and one of the aspects of production it sheds light on involves a certain scene The Pokémon Company didn’t really want to happen.

This is far from a spoiler since it was all over promotions for the film, but the scene in question involved Lickitung and, well, its massive tongue. The scene has Lickitung licking the protagonist, and according to visual effects supervisor Erik Nordby, it brought them right up to the edge of what the company was comfortable with. To accomplish the effect, they had to build a giant latex tongue and cover it in fake saliva, which is probably why it looks so convincing when mixed with the CGI.

Beyond Lickitung, The Pokémon Company also didn’t really know what to make of Mr. Mime. When the director asked them what it is, they said, “We don’t know,” and went on to try to convince them not to use it at all. While they weren’t convinced Mr. Mime would work on screen, the fact that it was one of the big stars of the early advertisements proved otherwise.

Be sure to read the whole article for more on the process of bringing Pokémon to life, and let us know what you thought about the movie if you saw it!

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