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Pokémon GO Has Pulled in Over $3 Billion to Date

pokémon go

If you were ever unsure whether or not Pokémon GO was still a success, this should cast aside any doubts. The popular app has been making steady money since it first launched in the summer of 2016, and at this point it has officially passed $3 billion in lifetime revenue.

Since launch, Pokémon GO has been downloaded 541 million times around the globe, with an average spend of about $5.60 per download. Its revenue dipped in 2017, and it hasn’t quite come back to the heights of its first-year earnings, but the consistency is still pretty impressive.

Players in the US make up 36.2% of the spending total, with Japan in second at 29.4% and Germany far behind in third with 6%. The US also leads in downloads with 18.4%. Brazil is in second at 10.8% and Mexico is in third at 6.3%.

You can find out more statistics via Sensor Tower Store Intelligence.