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The Rising of the Shield Hero Novel Illustrator Reveals New Blu-ray Art

the rising of the shield heroThe second Blu-ray/DVD release for the TV anime adaptation of Aneko Yusagi’s The Rising of the Shield Hero light novel series is due out in Japan on May 24, and the original novel illustrator cooked up something new for the occasion. Minami Seira whipped up some fresh art of protagonist Naofumi Iwatani for volume 1, so it’s only fitting that Raphtalia be the star of volume 2.

The set packs episodes 8-13 with a special booklet featuring a new novel by Yusagi, a new short manga by illustrator Aiya Kyu, and character references. There’s also audio commentary for episode 8, featuring Naofumi VA Kaito Ishikawa and Filo VA Rina Hidaka, as well as clean versions of the OP and ED sequences.

Check out Minami Seira’s new Raphtalia art along with a look at the set itself below.

Here’s the first set, which hit shelves in Japan on April 24.

Source: Official The Rising of the Shield Hero website