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Samurai 8, New Manga from Naruto Creator, Launches Next Month

Last year, we learned that Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto was at work on a new manga called Samurai 8.

Now we know when Samurai 8 is set to hit the pages of Shonen Jump: May 13. English-language translations will be available on the ShonenJump and Manga Plus apps.

Illustrated by Akira Okubo, Samurai 8 is described as mixing sci-fi and samurai elements. In February, The Asahi Shinbun quoted Kishimoto as saying:

“I’ll be doing a new series. I love Japanese things. I’m thrilled by the culture and decorations. And I love science fiction. I’m excited by the gimmicks and settings. So I decided to create a story by mixing two of my favorite things. I’m desperate to make it more interesting than Naruto.”

The title is ostensibly a reference to the Akira Kurosawa classic Seven Samurai. That film was adapted into an anime series called Samurai 7 in 2004.

Source: Moetron, Asahi