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Sci-Fi Anime Ex-Arm Hits Screens in Summer 2020

Sci-Fi Anime Ex-Arm Hits Screens in Summer 2020Ex-Arm, the anime adaptation of the manga by HiRock and Shinya Komi, was first announced back in December.

Now we know when it’s set to arm its way onto screens: summer 2020.

The manga, which is currently on its 12th collected volume, is published by Shueisha, and began in 2015. It’s about a high school student named Akira who survives a traffic accident — sort of. His brain is transferred into an advanced weapon, and he helps the police (specifically, a unit called Ex-Arm) in order to regain his lost memories and body.

The manga just wrapped up with its 14th volume — but a sequel is set to hit manga mag Grand Jump Mucha later this month.

Source: Natalie