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See the Lighter Side of Gundam’s Char in New Baseball Collaboration


The Mobile Suit Gundam franchise has been pulling out all the stops for its 40th anniversary campaign, including collaborations with Japan’s pro baseball organization. The latest has Gundam—and Char Aznable specifically—teaming up with the Se League’s Hiroshima Toyo Carp team, which resulted in some oddly adorable art and merchandise.

The aww factor comes from the fact that Char has been drawn in the style of original mascot Carp Boya to create, you guessed it, Char Boya. There’s also art that has the team mascot as an RX-78, as well as the previously revealed pro baseball collab art that started it all.

The new art is currently featured on a number of goods, from shirts and keychains to phone covers. They all go on sale in shops around Hiroshima on April 26, and you can see some samples below.

Source: Comic Natalie via Crunchyroll