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Shibuya Cracks Down on Alcohol in an Effort to Make Halloween Safer


We may have a while to go before this year’s Halloween festivities begin, but authorities in Shibuya are already trying to prevent some of the antics that come along with the holiday in Japan. In recent years, the annual Halloween celebration has grown exponentially, paving the way for littering, vandalism, and other incidents that led to arrests. The potential solution? Placing a ban on public drinking.

The area-wide drinking ban would cover public spaces such as parks and streets, ideally keeping the drinks themselves in homes, bars, and restaurants where they belong. The new ordinance was only just discussed and noted in an interim report on May 13, and it will be formally introduced at next month’s Shibuya ward assembly.

If everything goes according to plan, this will make it so the policy is fully ready to go in time for Halloween. A similar New Year’s Eve policy is also under consideration. Shibuya officials would definitely like to avoid incidents such as last year’s overturned truck, an act that ended with multiple individuals from Japan and other regions facing arrests and fines.

Source: Nippon News 24 via Anime News Network