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Sonic VFX Artists Went Back to Their Original Design for New Look


Sometimes it’s best to go with your gut and honor the character when adapting something to another piece of media. That definitely applies to Sonic the Hedgehog, who was met with revulsion when the first trailer debuted for his live-action movie. Director Jeff Fowler promised to fix it and fans already love the new look, but it turns out that look is pretty much what the VFX artists wanted to run with in the first place.

VFX artist Stu Whitten said as much on Twitter, though the tweet in question has since been deleted. After the trailer went live, Whitten tweeted, “Pretty much just went back to our original design lol.”

So, who else was responsible for the big change? Well, thanks to some earlier hints, fans guessed that regular Sonic artist Tyson Hesse had a hand in things, and Hesse confirmed his involvement on Twitter.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a discussion about a Sonic design without a comment from Yuji Naka, lead programmer of the original Sonic the Hedgehog and former head of Sonic Team. He tweeted his own thoughts, saying the design is “much more Sonic-like now that he’s wearing gloves.” He’s not a big fan of the fact that his eyes still aren’t joined together, but looks forward to the movie nonetheless.

Naka’s other complaint had to do with the folks behind the film acting as if the old design didn’t exist at all. He’d like a special DVD version that lets you watch the movie with the old design, as well, which would definitely make for an interesting artifact.

Here’s the movie’s Japanese poster:

Sonic the Hedgehog opens on February 14.

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