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Sony Shows Off Next-Gen PlayStation’s Super Fast Load Times


Beyond visual and audio fidelity, one of Sony’s many focuses with the next-gen PlayStation involves backwards compatibility. There’s also the key factor of performance to consider, though. Load times have been an issue since games first started shipping on discs, and many current games tend to have pretty heinous track records when it comes to extended loading screens. That’s something Sony aims to change, and they showed some of their progress so far during a recent meeting in Japan.

The Wall Street Journal tech reporter Takashi Mochizuki was on hand to cover the meeting, and he managed to capture one of Sony’s video samples. Check out the difference between a scene being loaded on a PS4 Pro and next-gen hardware below.

If other developers work hard to make keep their games in line with these improvements, we’ll be in for some speedy action in the not-too-distant future. PS5 (or whatever it ends up being called won’t be out this year, though, so we might as well enjoy the time we have left with our favorite loading screens.

Via Kotaku

Pictured: Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima