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Steins;Gate’s Amadeus AI May Become a Reality


The Steins;Gate 0 visual novel takes Rintaro Okabe to meet Maho Hiyajo, one of the lead scientists behind an artificial intelligence known as Amadeus. Kurisu Makise first theorized this AI and memory storage system, and her memories were uploaded to it after her death. Now, it looks like it could actually become a reality.

The official Steins;Gate Twitter account recently posted about plans to bring the Amadeus project to life. A website is live, and testers are being recruited with the goal of creating an interactive Kurisu Makise AI.

The AI will be formed through conversations with participants, and Dwango and NTT Media Intelligence Laboratories will then use the data gathered for development. Applications can be submitted through September 18 in Japan, and participants will be chosen by lottery.

Stay tuned for more on what comes of IRL Amadeus!

Via Anime News Network