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Third Promo Arrives for Sailor Moon Director’s Next Anime

Amazing Twins—the two-episode OVA from Sailor Moon and Kaleido Star director Junichi Sato—is coming to Japan soon. The first episode will make its Blu-ray debut on February 26, with the second to follow on March 26.

The short series is based on an original story by Sato. It centers on a girl named Amane, who uses supernatural powers in a performance group called Nought. Though her own powers are relatively weak, she benefits from the help of her more powerful twin sister, Lilianne, who was born without a body. Things change when Amane is approached by another performance group, one that happens to be conducting experiments on people with powers.

The opening theme, “Zetsumetsu Kigu Shoujo!,” is by Haruka Chisuga, who also plays the role of Mana in the OVA.

For those who missed them, you can watch the previous promos below.

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