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Toei Animation Launches Contest for Amateurs to Create Original Anime

Toei Animation Launches Contest for Amateurs to Create Original AnimeToei Animation, one of Japan’s biggest and longest-running anime studios, has launched a new contest aimed at bringing “new blood” into the industry.

The contest, which is called the “100-Year Anime Project,” is accepting proposals for projects on four different tiers, from people with experience in the industry to complete amateurs.

One of those tiers is based around remaking Ikkyu-san, a Toei anime from 1975 to 1982.

Each of the four tiers will feature a grand prize, runner up and honorable mention at 1 million yen, 500,000 yen and 300,000 yen, respectively. The contest is open from June 6 to September 30. The contest does not appear to be limited to residents of Japan, though entries must be submitted in Japanese. Results will be announced April 23, 2020.

Why put this project together in the first place? Toei animation representative director Katsuhito Takagi says that not a lot of anime these days are both “artistically satisfying and commercially successful,” says ANN. He wants to increase the number of titles that do both, while ushering in the next “paradigm shift” for anime.

Ambitious goals indeed, but it’s good to see Toei trying bold new things.

Source: ANN