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Tokyo Tarareba Girls Season 2 Manga Begins the Love Hunt

Tokyo Tarareba Girls Season 2 Manga Kicks OffAkiko Higashimura is back for more tales of “what if” in Tokyo.

Tokyo Tarareba Girls Season 2, a new manga from the creator of Princess Jellyfish and the original Tokyo Tarareba Girls, hits the pages of Kiss magazine this week.

Like the previous manga, Season 2 tracks a group of 30-something women in Tokyo on their quest for love. This time, the main character is Reina Hirota, part-time librarian. The “Rei” in her first name is the same as that in Reiwa, the new Japanese era that begins this May 1.

Will Reina find love in Reiwa? Or will her and her friends’ love stories forever remain “tarareba”—“what if”? We’ll find out as the manga unfolds.

The original Tokyo Tarareba Girls is released in English by Kodansha Comics, who describe it like this:

“I spent all my time wondering ’What if?’ Then one day I woke up and I was 33.” Rinko has hustled her whole life, but one day she wakes up and finds herself a writer of a cheap online soap opera with only two friends (with whom she goes drinking most nights). In a booze-fueled delusion, she swears to get married by the time the Tokyo Olympics roll around in 2020, but it’s not going to be a straight line…and there won’t be any fairy tale endings!

Source: Comic Natalie