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Trunks’s Jacket from Dragon Ball Z Can Now Be Yours

dragon ball z

Who are your personal anime style icons? If you were watching anime in the ’90s—or catching up on older shows a little later on—you might have idolized Trunks and his stylish half-length jacket in Dragon Ball Z. Well, if that’s the case, that jacket is leading a new line of accessories and clothes from Premium Bandai.

The jacket, complete with Capsule Corp logo, has been recreated in denim, and it’ll cost you a cool $121.36 to own. Those who want to go all out can also purchase the tapered pants for $91.02, and there are a few more understated items—including shirts, long-sleeved baseball shirts, and tote bags—available, as well.

See the jacket and other items the collection has to offer below. These are currently up for pre-order until November 4, with orders set to ship out this December.

Source: Comic Natalie