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Unpredictable Mascot Chiitan Needs Help Getting Out of Twitter Jail


Whether causing random destruction or picking fights with John Oliver, Chiitan is no stranger to trouble. While the irresistibly dangerous otter has gotten by with little more than a stern warning in the past, it appears its disruptive behavior has finally resulted in some serious punishment. That’s right… Chiitan is no longer on Twitter.

It’s unclear what exactly led to this, as other Japanese entertainment accounts—including the original real otter Chiitan—have faced a similar fate. As it stands, however, Chiitan’s verified @ogecebel account is currently suspended.

All hope is not lost, though! The official Chiitan team has created the appropriately named @HelpChiitan account in an attempt to deliver justice and restore the otter’s personal account. There’s also a Change.org petition that currently sits at around 4,000 of 5,000 signatures.

While we wait for said justice, Chiitan remains in Twitter jail.

Does that mean we now have NO place to marvel at Chiitan’s antics? Of course not! You can still keep up with this unruly rascal at the temporary (and sadly unverified) @chiitan7407 account, as well as the official Instagram.

Source: @HelpChiitan