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Voice Actor Chris Ayres Recovering After Successful Lung Transplant

chris ayres

Voice actor Chris Ayres has been on a lung transplant list for nearly two years, but he finally managed to get through it and receive lung transplant surgery on October 31. The voice actor followed up with an announcement while in recovery, saying that, while he still has more rehab ahead of him, doctors have been thrilled with his progress.

Ayres has voiced a variety of famous characters throughout his career, including the Dragon Ball franchise’s notorious villain Frieza, and has also worked as ADR director and scriptwriter in the English dub industry.

Non-profit corporation Anime Twin Cities Inc. launched a fundraising campaign for the actor’s medical expenses back in November of 2017, but Ayres said, “the last two years of medication, doctors, and surgeries to prepare for the transplant have used up most of the money I raised years ago.” A few anime conventions will be teaming up to reactivate a GoFundMe account for Ayres to recoup some of those additional expenses.

We wish Ayres nothing but the best on the road to recovery!

Source: Chris Ayres on Twitter via Anime News Network