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Weathering With You Director Makoto Shinkai Says New Anime Film Might Be Divisive

weathering with you

After making anime film history with Your Name., director Makoto Shinkai is looking to make a similar splash with his anticipated new feature, Weathering With You. Shinkai was in attendance during a press conference in Japan on July 2, and while he boasted a high level of confidence in his film, he also said it might end up being a divisive piece of work.

“As a big budget entertainment film, I want to do something that is absolutely fun and does not cause a loss,” Shinkai said. He followed that up by adding, “Based on that, I think this is a film that might divide the audience’s opinions. I am doing things that are different from the people we can agree as a classic story. This is the film that asks the audience, ‘What would you do?'”

Shinkai also took some time to praise the lead voice cast members, 18-year-old Kotaro Daigo and 17-year-old Nana Mori. As for opinions on the film, we’ll definitely be hearing a bunch of those once Weathering With You opens in Japan on July 19, followed by an English release in early 2020.

Source: Mantan Web Via Crunchyroll