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Giant Replica of Space Battleship Yamato Made Using Straw

Giant Replica of Space Battleship Yamato Made of StrawYou know what I never would have guessed would exist in this world? A giant replica of the Space Battleship Yamato made entirely out of straw.

But it does. And it measures in at an incredible 18 yards long.

The straw Yamato was on display at an annual festival in Chikuzen, Fukuoka, that also featured a giant straw fighter plane and even a straw Godzilla.

Images of the Yamato were captured by Twitter user Natsu, who we thank for bringing us news of this surreal and awesome sculpture.

Space Battleship Yamato is, of course, the legendary  ’70s series released in America as Star Blazers. Here’s how Voyager describes remake Space Battleship Yamato 2199:

The year is 2199. Mother Earth is on the verge of breathing her last. Earth has been rendered a dead world by meteor bombs launched by Gamilas, a mysterious interstellar state. The time left to humanity, which has fled into underground cities, is a mere year.

Mankind’s final hope is the Yamato, which rests off of Kyushu’s Cape Bonomisaki – the Space Battleship Yamato! Believing in a message of salvation sent from the distant depths of the galaxy, the Yamato now sets sail with a young crew under the command of Captain Okita!

Source: Buzzfeed